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Setting up a PHP Class with mySQL

Hello EE,

I'm trying to set up a class using PHP that has a constructor that will create a connection to a mySQL server and I'm having trouble doing so.

If the table doesn't exist in the database, it will also do the necessary commands to create the table.

So far I have the following code:

class PHPClass
	// Variables
	var $SQLHost = "localhost";
	var $SQLDatabase = "SQL_DB";
	var $SQLUser = "username";
	var $SQLPass = "password";

        // Connection
	var $Connection;
	function __construct()
		$Connection = new MySQLi( $SQLHost, $SQLUser, $SQLPass, $SQLDatabase );
		// Check if the table exists
		$SQLQuery = "SELECT * FROM table_data";
		$Query = @mysqli_query( $Connection, $SQLQuery );
		// If it doesn't exist, create the table and fill it with data.
		if ( !$query )
			// Create the "hitcounter" table
			$SQLQuery = 	"CREATE TABLE table_data
								data SMALLINT NOT NULL
			// Execute Query
			@mysqli_query( $Connection, $SQLQuery );
			// Create the "hitcounter" table
			$SQLQuery = 	"INSERT INTO table_data VALUES (1,1);";
			// Execute Query
			@mysqli_query( $Connection, $SQLQuery );

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If someone could provided me with a solution or a good source for making classes in PHP with mySQL commands, it would be greatly appreciated.
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