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Access - Expand * field selection in query

Hello,  I am using MS Access 2007.  I am curious if there is some way I can do the following.

I want to create a query in the following manner.  Open a new query, select all fields by double clicking the asterisk in the table's list of fields.  Now here's the part I am curious about.

After I have selected the asterisk to get all fields  I want Access to expand that asterisk to list each individual field.  The end result would be the same as if I went down the list of fields in the table and selected each individual field instead of selecting the asterisk.

Why?  I have tables with A LOT of fields in them, almost all of which I want selected.  The key word here is "almost" which as we all know only counts in hand grenades, horseshoes and tactical nuclear weapons.  I'm looking for a  short cut way to avoid having to double click "almost" each and every field in the table.  If I can get Access to select all the table's fields automatically, I can then just scroll over and delete the few fields I don't want.
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