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Wireless issue on Dell Laptop - Continued from previous Question

I thought we had resolved this issue previously, but it has come up again.  The original question was:.............I have a client with a Dell Studio laptop running Windows 7.
They also have 2 other mac books and an ipod that connects to their new wireless modem in the house.

All other devices work fine, including PC connected via cable, however the Dell laptop is not consistent with its connections.

i have been there twice and both times the dell laptop has connected OK to the wireless network, however at different times of the day, it will lose the network and be unable to find it or connect ot it.
Even a restart of the laptop does not help.
After leaving it for the day then starting again the next day it will all of a sudden find the wireless network and connect to it.

I have checked wireless drivers, wireless networks set-up in Networking and sharing center and disconnected and re-connected the wireless with the correct password to the wireless network numerous times.

The only thing I can think is that the wireless card in the laptop is faulty.

We very recently replaced the wireless modem in their house.  I think the wireless on the laptop played up once or twice previously, but after the new modem has gone in it plays up frequently.

As other devices are connecting fine, I do not think it is the wireless modem

Any thoughts?

I closed the question as when we installed a TP-Link USB adapter it seemed to work fine.  Now since the client went to Sinapore, used the hotels wireless network, then came back the USB device will not connect.  It keeps coming up saying Windows was unable to connect to {Wireless network Name}.  This is with the plug in card.
Using the inbuilt it does connect but it seems to eventually come up saying unidentified network.

I updated the drivers for both wireless devices with no change

I created a new user account and tried to connect with the plug in device with no change.

Could it be an incompatability with the wireless modem/router. Something I have never heard of or seen before.  The modem is a Dlink DSL-2642B and there are 4 other devices that connect to it wirelessly with no issues, but the Dell laptop has all sorts of issues.

Any further thoughts??
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did you check the IP address to see if it is right. There could be a conflict and it could be looking fir an open address. Try manually inputting an ip address.
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Tried static ip with no change so left both as dhcp
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try doing assigning an IP that is close to your other ones....

ipconfig renew and release

or it could be a winsock problem. try doing a winsock fix
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Have you tried removing off the network card from the device manager.
After removing the device shut down the system.

On rebooting the hardware will be detected and reinstalled.

Not sure if it will help, i think you should give it a shot.
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Using the onboard wireless seems to work ok for a few hours but then it goes offline and then cannot identify the network . Sometimes a restart will fix it sometimes it won't

It has just been on on the intel onboard wireless for about 4 hours. Then it goes offline
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If the machine can run for 4 hours it means the software is OKie.
Also the hard should be fine.

What I suspect is a heating issue. Could it be an issue with heating?
Next time restart the machines by allowing some time for the machine to cool
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One other point, also check your wireless AP can other machines remain connected to it after 4 hours.
Or you could  try using  your machine with another  AP.

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Boot the computer in safe mode with networking...monitor the wireless connection....if everything works fine then the problems might be caused by unwanted startup program or security software.

Also can put the computer in clean boot mode

Clean boot process

Start-type - msconfig- click on startup tab- click disable all...then click services tab- put a check on hide all microsoft services ...and then click disable all....click ok and then restart the computer in normal mode.

If everything works fine in clean boot then enable five startup items and services at a time to find the faulty software.


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It worked
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