SSL Error #38 on Citrix

shard26 used Ask the Experts™
This afternoon everyone started getting this error:

Cannot connect to the Citrix Xenpp Server.
SSL Error 38: the proxy server denied access to  ..... port 1494

Any ideas?

I have rebooted everything Citrix-related.

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here is something from the Citrix Access Gateway Admin Portal:

(05/26/11 15:04:22):L20:616:16384:controller:socket::socket.c:379:SESSINFO:0:SSL client session cache initialized:
(05/26/11 15:04:22):L20:616:16384:controller:socket::socket.c:1849:SESSINFO:0:initialized SSL library:
(05/26/11 15:04:22):L20:616:16384:controller:socket::socket.c:1968:SESSINFO:0:initialized SSL methods and contexts:
(05/26/11 15:04:23):L20:616:16384:controller:socket::socket.c:2033:SESSINFO:0:associated server certificate and private key with SSL context:
(05/26/11 15:04:23):L15:616:16384:controller:socket::socket.c:1257:SESSINFO:0:Client PEM file not found for backend SSL connections:
(05/26/11 15:04:23):L15:616:16384:controller:socket::socket.c:2063:SESSINFO:0:failed to configure controller to use client certificates on backend SSL connections:


Reboot the NetScaler.

- Or -

Remove and then re-add the SSL VIP.

is what the site says.  Is rebooting the NetScaler the same as rebooting the CAG? If so, I already did that.

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are you able to telnet from the CAG to your XenApp Server using Port 1494?
You should see ICAICAICA....


do you mean telnet from the Citrix Access Gateway Admin Desktop? I totally don't know how to do that.

no, the telnet session must be initiated from the CAG Linux-Apliance.
The enduser makes a connection to the appliance with port 443 and the appliance makes connections to the xml-service (to recive the informations to display the user-icons) and then a new connection to the ica-Port (1494) if the user click an icon.


I accepted because you guys helped me out. I just re-installed the AAC and that solved the error.

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