DB2 Import failing with error SQL3015N An SQL error "" occurred during processing.

Running the following command on my DB2 V9 client on my laptop - connecting to a DB2 V8 (on windows) database:

db2 export to c:\exports\TPOL.cpy  of del modified by chardel; messages msgs.txt SELECT * FROM TPOL  WHERE CO_ID = '01' AND POL_ID = 'AS20985D'          this export works fine and exports 1 row.

the problem is when I attempt to import:

db2 import from c:\exports\tpol.cpy  of del modified by chardel; messages msgs.txt INSERT INTO TPOL

get this generic error: SQL3015N  An SQL error "" occurred during processing.

The user claims that this has worked in the past but stopped working when we upgraded the DB2 client on his laptop from V7 to V9
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Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Hi me,

Can you post the contents of TPOL.cpy?  Also, was anything written to messages.txt?

itsonlyme4Author Commented:
attached  TPOL.cpy  (renamed to TPOL.txt)  and nothing was written to messages.txt
itsonlyme4Author Commented:
contents of the message.txt    

SQL3104N  The Export utility is beginning to export data to file

SQL3105N  The Export utility has finished exporting "1" rows.

SQL3015N  An SQL error "" occurred during processing.
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Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Hi me,

There were no significant changes to IMPORT/EXPORT between releases 8 and 9.  Version 7 is old enough that I make no promises.

The SQL3015N error indicates that another error occurred.  What we're not seeing is the original error.

What version is the database?  

When the user installed the version 9 client, were all traces of the old client removed?  If not, uninstall the client, delete ALL of the db2 client objects from the user environment, and reinstall the version 9 client.  I have seen odd behavior when modules from clients at different levels interact.  Sometimes rebinding key items will solve this, but that may leave one wondering what else isn't quite right.  A delete/reinstall seems the surest way.

Good Luck,
itsonlyme4Author Commented:
I completely uninstalled his DB2 V7 Client before I installed V9 -  and he is going after a V8 Database (DB2 on Windows)

I attempted to rebind utilities and clients and I got this:

C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\bnd>db2 bind @db2cli.lst messages clibind.msg grant public
DB20000I  The BIND command completed successfully.

C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\bnd>DB2 bind @db2ubind.lst messages bind.msg grant public
SQL0001N  Binding or precompilation did not complete successfully.
Kent OlsenDBACommented:

Hi me,

IBM warns that direct migration of the client from version 7 to 9 isn't supported.  I would assume that a clean install of the version 9 client on the same desktop shouldn't have a major issue, (but that's certainly no guarantee).


Can you connect to the V8 database from a V9 client on another desktop?
itsonlyme4Author Commented:

When I go directly to the DB2 Server and use the V8 Client, I can run both the export and import commands with no problem.

DB2 export to c:\exports\TPOL.cpy  of del modified by chardel; messages c:\exports\msgs.txt SELECT * FROM TPOL  WHERE CO_ID = '01' AND POL_ID = 'AS20985D'
DB2 import from c:\exports\TPOL.cpy  of del modified by chardel; messages c:\exports\msgs.txt INSERT INTO TPOL  

And it seems that the V7 Client had no problem running the export and import commands against the V8 Database.       I am getting the error SQL3015N  An SQL error "" occurred during processing.

when I attempt to do the import from ANY V9 Client against the V8 Database.   Am I using the wrong commands?    Seems like the import command was forward compatible (V7 to V8) but not backward compatible (V9 to V8)         Can anyone help?
Kent OlsenDBACommented:
Can you do an Export from the V9 client and compare it to the export file generated by the v8 client?

If they are the same, then the V9 IMPORT process has an issue.  Since the issue present at all of your V9 clients, it may be something that we can solve, or at the very least PMR with IBM.  If they are different, the error is explainable as the V9 IMPORT not being compatible with the V8 EXPORT.


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itsonlyme4Author Commented:
Sure..  I opened both in notepad and they look the same - the file exported using the V9 client From the V8 Database (V9_TPOL.txt) and the file exported using the V8 client from  the V8 Database (V8_TPOL.txt)  are both attached
itsonlyme4Author Commented:
Kent OlsenDBACommented:

This is bizarre.  They look character-for-character identical (though without unix tools, I struggle to prove this).

And yet I've had no trouble with import/export of data at V9.

I suspect that it's in your system somewhere, but unless one of our other experts has seen this first-hand, tracking it down via the forum could be a lengthy process.

Do you have a DB2 support contract?  If so, I suggest that you contact IBM.  If not, we can certainly continue digging.

itsonlyme4Author Commented:
Thank you.   It's very bizarre indeed.   I will pursue opening a case with IBM but any  other help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.  
itsonlyme4Author Commented:
Opened a PMR and after several tries.. IBM was able to give me this bind statement which fixed the problem:   db2 bind db2ueiwi.bnd blocking all sqlerror continue messages bind.msg grant public

Thank you everyone!

itsonlyme4Author Commented:
Opening a PMR with IBM was the ulitmate solution
Kent OlsenDBACommented:
This thread is going into my bookmarks.  That's the first time that I've seen that module need to be manually rebound!

Glad that you found this so quickly.

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