Renaming user profile, access denied

As an administrator i am trying to recreate a users profile, to fix another issue.

Normally i would just rename the users profile to "<username>.old" and then reboot and log the user back on.  This would force the machine to recreate the profile.

However when i attempt to rename the folder it comes up as access denied.  I've checked permissions, rebooted several times and still no joy

Any ideas?  Windows XP machine running SP3

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Log on as administrator. Start Task Manager > Processes > "Tick" the "Show Processes from all users"
Check if that user has any services running !

If "yes" then close those services, and then try renaming it.
WolfAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice

I've checked teh processes and nothing running under the users name

Still can't rename the folder
Process Explorer

Use the search at the top and look for "c:\Documents and settings\username".... If you see any processes, kill them and retry.... If needed, reapply the permissions (Full Control) to the user you are using, and force them down to all child objects in the advanced tab....

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WolfAuthor Commented:
Used process explorer and couldn't see anything running under the users username.  However when i did a search for "c:\Documents and settings\username" it came up with a single adobe process that was running.

This process didn't have any reference to the user but once i forced teh process to close i was able to rename the users profile

Thanks very much :)
Glad it was easy....
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