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We would like to extract some data off of our Notes database to a CSV format so we can export it into SQL database. Our Notes databases do not have rich text fields, can we write an agent to do this? If we can can you please give a starting point how we could do that. We would like to test what can SQL databases do compared to our Notes databases. Thanks
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    Hi there coronoahcoro,,,

Firstly, Did you try the following ,,, Click File ==> Export , then export the data you are looking for ...

Secondly, I have made some search and found the following ..
I recommend you to test them on a local testing database .

Finally, you may also  be looking for one of these
Again I recommend you to test them on a local testing database .

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The nsf that I'm talking about here is Notes Storage Format from Lotus Notes
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What you should do is create a view with the fields/columns you want to export, and then just do a file - export and choose csv as the format

I hope this helps !

all valid answers and also you can copy all the rows, right click and copy as table and then go and paste it anwywhere and save as csv

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