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Can't delete PDF file from internet (Mac)

This is a Mac question.

I recently downloaded a PDF file from the internet.  Now that I don't need it anymore, I tried to delete it.  I am getting this error message:

The operation can’t be completed because the item “SN29400594_HT-S3400_QSS_En_web” is in use.

The file has not been in use for weeks.  I am only trying to delete it.
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Thank you.  I will try that.

So far I've tried changing the program that opens it (default was Preview) to Safari and a few reboots.  I've also played with the extension hidden vs. not and unlocking the settings (lower right corner of file properties).

The file was only opened the day I downloaded weeks ago and the computer gets rebooted at least a few times a day on average.
Reboot the Mac while holding down the shift key to force a safe boot. Then delete the file and empty the trash.
Just tried renaming it to .pages and that worked.

Sorry, strung, I'd already accepted jhyiesla's answer before seeing yours.  
I am heartbroken.  ;)