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Troubleshooting outgoing SMTP on Galaxy Tab

I have trouble with my boss's Galaxy Tab regarding outgoing mail.
The Tab is running latest firmware and have about 8 email accounts setup, the default account is an Exchange account (that works), and 7 POP3 accounts. Of the 7 POP accounts, one of them have problems sending emails out.

The user just get's a "Connection Error" and nothing more useful. I know the servername is correct (tested on PC), and I have tried both with standard port 25 without SSL/TLS, and also with SSL and TLS on port 465 and port 587.
I also tried SMTP without SSL/TLS on port 587, but no luck. Authentication is of course enabled. The account is also setup on a Outlook 2010 client with TLS on port 587 and works perfect there. The user is connected to his home network, and the ISP is not blocking outgoing SMTP connections.

Is there any way to troubleshoot the Tab? A general error message is not very helpful, i would love to see something more if thats possible.
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I am not sure what a Galaxy Tab is, but a good way to trouble-shoot SMTP issues is to go straight to a command prompt and telnet to port 25 (or 587 or whatever) on the appropriate server.  That way you can prove the connection independent of the client software.  Once you have demonstrated the ability to send messages from the command prompt, then you can check the rest of your client setup based on the info gleaned from the command line exercise.   That info is below.

But first, since he is at home on his home network, make sure his router and any firewall software/hardware has opened ports 25, 465, and 587 for outbound smtp.  In my case, I had to have the ISP open SMTP on their end, then I had to open ports specifically for OUTBOUND connections on my router, then I had to do the same for the ports in my software firewall.

Re the telnet test, here is an exhaustive article, of which the last bullet in the intro is of the most interest:

Here is a more succinct article:

Lastly, If the mail server is under your control, I would also look at relay permissions and relay rules.

Also, do you know anyone else who has an account on this mail server?  If it is possible, test whether anyone else is having the same problem. It is possible that inbound (pop) is working fine but smtp is broken for everyone.
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Sorry, just trying to help.  Good luck with your problem.
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never found out of this
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