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Windows SBS 2003 Constant reboot before login screen

Hello all.
My client decided to power off the server today by using the power button! (he couldn't get the restart OK button to work because he didn't know what he was doing)

Dell PowerEdge 2900
Winodws SBS 2003 R2
Dual Quad Core Processors
4GB RAM (4 - 1GB chips)
RAID 5 Perc 5/i
4 - 250GB Drives

At this point there are 2 things that happen and its completely random.

1. System boots to RIGHT before the grey windows screen (ie. you see the black windows server 2003 screen), then it immediately blue screens and then reboots. The stop code is STOP 0x0000008E but does not mention any drivers, etc.

2. OR, it will act like its going to boot up, then while its working on preparing the network connections, it will throw up this error:
Registery hive (file): C:\Documents and Settings\Local Service\ntuser.dat was corrupted and it has been recovered. Some data might have been lost.
It continues to go past the preparing network connections and on to preparing to startup (can't remember exactly what it says)
At this point I can actually access all the shared drives from another computer ...
BUT, before it gets to the login screen, it will reboot (no blue screen) - I have access to the drives for about 5 minutes.

I have removed the RAM and reseated it. I have moved them around. I have started it without some and switched them all around.

Per some other suggestions, I have replaced the CMOS battery.

Also, I found something I thought was going to work for sure .. I removed one of the drives and then had it boot up (thus showing the raid as degraded) - and this was the first time it actually tried to do a chkdsk (which it fixed a bunch of stuff).

After every 6 or so reboots (actually completely random) it will do a chkdsk

Can't get anywhere in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking or Safe Mode Command line (BSOD everytime)

I have nothing attached besides keyboard/monitor and network cable.

*** I'm heading to the store to get 4 new drives and try to reimage the server but I would love to get this backup up to at least do a full backup (I do have a good backup that is 2 weeks old, a couple half backups more recent and mozy offsite backup ***

Hopefully I answered most the questions - trying to type this as fast as I can.

Thanks in advance.....
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