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Creating a bookmark on a redirect page php, javascript

Dear Experts,

I am wondering if I can ask your advice. I have a membership site that has a program that takes members to different parts of the site depending on how long they have been on the program.

A few of the members would like to be able to bookmark there program but of course if they bookmark the first part of there program and then they are moved to the next part the bookmark no longer takes them to the correct place.

I have a script that simply redirect them to the correct part of there program based on there login variables. such as https://mysite.com/redirect.php

This works perfectly but it is impossible for them to bookmark the redirect.php page as the redirect is so fast that the page never loads so I want to create an add to bookmarks link that will bookmark the redirect.php page when clicked.

Having said this i have had a hard time finding a script that works for all modern browsers.

So my question is, is there a script that anyone has used to bookmark a chosen page that works well in all modern browsers?


Is there another way to handle the situation I have presented? I have given many other option for the  members to get to there program quickly, but our users would like to use a bookmark so they can quickly get back to were they were.

Many thanks as always for your help

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