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Implementation of a cloud model

I'd like to implement a cloud model as my grad project. Do you find this feasible? What hardware and software do I require to do this? What articles and technical papers are useful to read?
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Keith Alabaster
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Very little when you think what a cloud is. You accessed this web site, created an account, accessed the services it provides, and decided to post a question. You have the ability to upload files to this site, you collaborate with experts etc etc.

This is a cloud in the sense that you have no idea where the servers are or where the data is stored albeit a very simple model. The exact same model works for a company that uses virtual desktops or servers where users can just request a desktop that is literally built on the spot, applications are streamed in and the desktop presented out to you. The first is a public cloud whilst the second is a private cloud.

Yes it is a feasible project.
None - until you have identified what you want to achieve, gathered requirements and designed on paper what you want to deliver.
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Thank you, but this is still vague for me. Your answer applies on an "Internet" environment as well.

However, I understand that cloud computing should include a "virtualized environment". This is achieved through something like VMware, Xen, etc... So, how come I don't need "any" software?

So, let me say that I need an "Internet" connection, a virtualized environment, anything else?

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Agreed. The point I was trying to put across was that this can be done in myriad of ways. Virtualisation is one but not the only method - co-hosted physical servers running active/active clusters is still 'cloud' from an end-users perspective.

Until you have decided what you actually want to do though you cannot select the product. Let's face it, no professional is going to begin a project where you have already decided what the product sets are going to be before you have documented what the end game has to be able to provide? Who for? What scalability? Sizings? Services required? Resilience? Bandwidths?

Maybe I have a strange approach but as an Enterprise Architect for many years it works for me. Once you know all the inputs, the software and hardware selection becomes the easy bit. If this is going to be your grad project, then you may want to consider it also.
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Thank u all for your participation :)