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Windows 7 / half-screen maximize with multiple displays?

When you drag a window to the left or right side of the screen in Windows 7, it maximizes to that half of the screen.  When you have more than one display, it only works on the left of the leftmost display and the right of the rightmost display.  Is there a way to make it work for each display?  In other words if I drag a window to the right side of the left display, how can I make it maximize to the right side of the left display?
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If both of the monitors you are using are the same (ie. same size, resolution), then the program should go full screen without any issue however if there is any variations in the size or resolution, then it won't maximize it properly.

I have the exact same issue... Interesting if someone has a fix.
Nope can't do it. Because you have EXTENDED the desktop. The virtual desktop extends accross 2 monitors and so the left hand edge is on the left most monitor and the right hand edge is on the rightmost monitor.  This is how it is supposed to act. Stupid though I agree!
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the behavior is that when you drag a window to the left edge of the available screens the window pops to half screen, when you have two or more monitors the right edge is now on the far right monitor, its no longer on the right side of the left most monitor.  this is expected behavior, i have three displays and my windows will only present this behavior on the far left and right monitors.  One way to get to windows to be side by side on the left or right most monitor is  to drag a window to the left edge and when it pops to half size drag it to the right edge of that display and drop it there, then drag another window to the left edge and you now have two windows side by side
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Found workaround.
great find!