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Deploy user controls to sahrepoint error?

Hello Experts
I have two user controls used on master page which are used on my site. The site is saying unexpected error at this time.
I copied both ascx files to control template folder but its still erroring out
Error: the control with virtual path _controltemplate/abc.bcd.ascx is not in safe controls list for web at URL

I am migrating this to another server on 2010 from 2007, Do i need to redeploy these controls again? and where do they need to go bin folder or GAC? also i dont see safe control registration for these controls in previous web config file on portal 2007, do they need to be register here in web config. Please direct with all steps required to get ripd of this error.
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perfect, the path was incorrect in master page I was missing ~/_controltemplates and it was mentioned as _controltemplates. assigning points for refering to it . Thanks again