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asked on only accessible from outside the network, internally, can not access

Hi all,

I have just setup SBS2011.  It appears I am experiencing an odd behaviour.

I can only access from OUTSIDE the company network OR directly from the SBS2011 server's Internet Explorer.  If I try to access from any of the client's PC, it will not work.  It times out on IE.

I have been suggested already to try PING from a client PC and it returned external IP address, instead of the internal server address.

This might also explain why I could not do http://connect.  It also timed out.  In fact, launch.exe (on USB Flash drive) didn't even work.

I believe I need to fix the DNS on the SBS2011 server.  Can anyone suggest some steps to fix it?

Many thanks!

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Andrew Oakeley
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I thought the SBS wizards should have created this for you... but if not...

create a "Primary forward lookup zone" in DNS managementwith the full name
create a A record within that zone with no host with the IP of the server. This image should be enough to get you going

once you have done that ipconfig /flushdns on the workstation and it should now resolve to the internal IP. Make sure the workstation only has the SBS server as its DNS server

 User generated image
If HTTP://connect is also not working it sounds like your workstation might be pointing to the ISP DNS Server. Please make sure your workstations are only using the SBS Server for DNS

Maybe run the "Fix My Network" wizard. That should sort all this out for you.
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Sorry to be a pain but do you mind telling me how to get to the DNS Management screen from the SBS Console?
Re: Run Fix My Wiz - Huh hahahaha.... easy for you to say.  I just met SBS2011 this morning.  The last server was SBS2003.
DNS console you can get to from Administrative Tools

Fix my network is in the SBS Console. Network -> Connectivity Tab
Ok... running fix my network now...
It came back with 2 issues:

"An External DHCP server was found"


"DHCP service stopped"

I have checked both and trying to fix it.
Disable the DHCP server on your router and re-run the Fix My Network wizard.

The windows DHCP server will not be able to start with there being another DHCP server. And if the workstations are getting DHCP from the router this will account for your DNS issues....
on the billion router (if I recall correctly) go into "advanced configuration" -> LAN - DHCP Server or smoething like that....
When I updated the router firmware, it reactivated itself as DHCP server and disabled SBS2011 DHCP.  Fixed that and restarted the DHCP server on SBS2011 but my issues are still the same.

- Ping from client to returns external IP (even after I restarted the PC)
- I still can not visit from client PCs

Just ran fix my network wiz again.  The result is:

"Could not configure the router" (It says to open ports 80, 443, 987, etc.,) and

"DHCP is not configured correctly"

And the crazy part is, I have test user setup on test client PC and it stopped sending and receiving emails.  Doh!!
reboot a workstation
post results of "ipconfig /all" here
After rebooting the SBS2011 and workstation.  The result of ipconfig /all from the workstation is:

IP Address
Default Gateway
DHCP Server
DNS Servers

looks like the workstation is still getting DHCP from the router (

Double check the router DHCP is disabled
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I just checked again and it 100% says, "The DHCP Server Mode = disabled"

I have no idea how this is happening!  Could it be something that went wrong at DNS provider end?  

I am getting pretty stuffed so I might have to head home.  I will be happy to answer your postings and test them all out tomorrow.
I am looking at the DHCP Console but I don't know what I am looking for to confirm that it is working.  It lists IPv4 and IPv6 with green tick next to them. They both appear under my companyname.local.  Is that right?
That all sounds good  (IPv4 and IPv6 with green tick next to them)
- reboot the router
- make sure there is only one workstation plugged into it, unplug everything else from the router
- confirm that the workstation DOES NOT get an IP Address

I suspect in the morning with a fresh set of eyes it will come clear to you. It really is not this hard.
This is not a DNS Provider issue, it is an issue with another DHCP serve on your LAN. Maybe try factory reset the router and start again. You mentioned earlier that you did a firmware upgrade on it, if you did not factory reset it this could have caused an issue?
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Or...from the problems with RWW on the last question, the issues I. This question, and the fact that your router us clearly not designed for businesses (a huge security concern in my book) ... Just replace the router with one more functional, less schizophrenic, and more trustworthy.

> less schizophrenic
LOL - love your style cliff :)
a work around is to add your sbs servers ip address in the dns slot of the client machines. User generated image
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Those startup wizards are not just there for eye candy.. it should have been staring you in the face.. but you elected to go to the advanced screen i'll bet

It's not that I was impatient, I under estimated that wizards ability. I had Internet access so I thought I didn't need to run it.
I think it is number 1 on the list of things to do.. sbs is a complicated beast with many interlocking components that the wizards make setup a breeze compared to setting up the same components on a server2008 system.
Yes, I am liking this wizard thing. I coming from SBS 2003 so...
All your base are belong to us
I'm just closing this off and encourage anyone who might find themselves in the same boat as me...

Lesson here is, even if your internet is working, run "Connect to Internet Wizard" when installing SBS!