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CSM 4.1 - Flexconfig (Syntax errors detected - Failed to setup Velocity Engine to validate syntax)


I am trying to build a simple flexconfig to create route map statements that apply to NAT rules. When I try to create any basic flexconfig, I get the following error msg:

Syntax errors detected

Failed to setup Velocity Engine to validate syntax

Please correct errors.

I also tried cloning an existing example "IOS_enable_SSL", rename and recieved the same error.

What is the Velocity Engine and how can I verify that this component is working correctly?
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Steve Jennings

Is this a new install? Have you created any flexconfigs successfully?

I'd be on the phone with Cisco or opening a TAC case. I got a couple of odd errors trying to fix a flexconfig I created from scratch and it turn out I was missing part of the install.

The velocity template engine is an open source product from Apache. It's java based so you may simply have a java version problem. But if things have been working up to now, that probably isn't the issue.

Does the install log show any java warnings?

Good luck
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It was an authentication issue on the server running CSM, I had to run th eprg as local admin.