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Accessing network via Network and Sharing

Hi experts,

I have five clients with WIN 7 Pro. All are using Intel i7 2600 and 8GB of RAM. All are using SSD III.

When network is selected on the Start Menu, four of the five pretty much instantly load all of the clients and server on the domain. One of the computers (actually a bit faster than the others with a WEI of 7.7 takes around 90 seconds to show the network. The green bar on top of Network and Sharing goes across the top from left to right. Once this occurs and everything shows up, when opening the network again, everything loads instantly until the computer has not been in use for awhile. This, of course, is very annoying.

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you.

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remove the auto sleep....  thats on the power options.
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Thanks dannybam,

It's already off. I can wait two minutes and get the domain to show, but 30 minutes later even while working on the computer, it will take two minutes again. I have a shortcut to Server, and if I use that, it will take me to the server files instantly.
did you check if the harddrive is sleeping?
I never let anything sleep including the NIC card.
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In the control panel Internet options, uncheck "Check for Server Certificate Revocation" an dsee if that helps...
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do you have wins service?
you can improve speed of network detection - using WINS service at server.
Hi fomoruto,

I tried it, and it didn't help.


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PS- are all computers 'scanning' the same network content. If more devices are available to one PC or even more so if devices (or mapped drives) that were available and are no longer, it can take much longer to list all contents.
Thanks Rob,

The computer is less than a week old and is basically scanning the same network content. There are many ideas here, although some pertain to Windows XP (Network Neighborhood) and this is WIN 7. I disabled the two VM NICs, and everything seems to be perfect. But, it's hard to tell, because when you finally get past the two minute left to right green bar and get connected to everything, it tends to stay connected for a while. For instance, I re-enabled the two VMs, and things are fine. But, having these, gives you the park bench (public) and there is no network listed.
Are there shares that are accessible on the VM's?

Also, I have yet to find a Win7 machine I didn't have to disable Task Offloading on. If it is a new machine with new NIC drivers you shouldn't have to but that is a common problem.
Well, it won't hurt to run those commands anyway? And, no there shouldn't be anything connected to them.
Well, my apologiest to all. I didn't comment much because disabling the VMs was working. Now it isn't so I am back to trying your suggestions one at a time.

Thanks for bearing with me.
It is really difficult with intermittent problems. I applied Rob's suggestions, and everything seemed much better for a couple of days. But, now right back to the 20 second wait. I would think it were normal except the rest of the computers find the network in less than two secnds if even that long.
Hi Bert. As mentioned above I found disabling manually on the NIC worked in some cases where the command line changes didn't. If you haven't tried that you might want to do so, just on the PC.
K. I will check. I know there is a command to see the results, but there is also a place on the NIC. Wondering if I should try a new NIC card there or if that is too much.
New NIC shouldn't be necssary. Is it an Intel like the board?
Bert -- That board already has an Intel 82579 NIC ... it's VERY unlikely that a different NIC would make a difference.     Rob's suggestion r.e. changing the NIC settings may help ... although I've seen a LOT of cases where '7 simply takes 10-15 seconds to browse a network (but NOT 90 seconds like you're seeing).

Have you changed any network parameters on your various systems -- either manually or via one of the various network "optimizers"??
Hi Gary,

This is the frustrating thing. I have set up three Lenovos with i5 and i7s with SSDs and WIN 7 Pro. They all find the network in UNDER one second. Click. Bam. The one with the same stuff only better takes forever. It also remembers. 30 seconds first time, then 1 second the next.

Very much like My Network Places in XP Pro.

My Network Places --> Entire Network --> Microsoft Windows Network (this would always be the bottleneck -- may take 10 seconds) --> domain name --> then the domain.

Log path but essentially the same thing. But, once you got past the Microsoft Windows Network the first time, it was less than a second the next time.

Not sure if Blue Tooth has anything to do with it. I know. Just mentioning it. It does find my switch, but they all do.
Hmm ... hadn't thought of the bluetooth.   I think it's unlikely that's interfering, but it wouldn't hurt to go into the BIOS and disable Bluetooth (your motherboard has built-in bluetooth) and see if that changes anything.

Also -- I suspect you've already done this, but just to be sure:   Look VERY carefully at all of the NIC settings on the Lenovos, and see what might be different between those and the new system.
Got it. What does Blue Tooth do on a computer? I know it's off the subject.
It's simply a built-in Bluetooth transceiver -- so if you had a bluetooth mouse; keyboard; headphones; etc. you could connect them without the need for a plug-in bluetooth adapter on the PC.
I'm trying something. Will see how it works. Funny, just bought my MA a bluetooth headset a week ago.
I agree, I can't see Bluetooth as a problem, but I have seen some odd "stuff" with Bluetooth. The SBS "connect" wizard will often fail with a Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse connected, which is a network issue. They work fine after joined to the domain.
By the way, do you have "Access Connections" installed in any of the machines?
It tends to do its own thing with the networks in the background...
If you mean Microsoft Access, no. Everything is SQL. But only on the server, not on this client.
Well, it took a while, since every time I thought something was the problem, it would fail. But, I turned off QoS on the card, and it seems everything is three seconds or less. Sometimes instantaneous. I am going to have to give this to Rob as he did get me going down the NIC settings path.

@fomoruto Those links looked promising, but they seemed to be geared more toward XP. When I browsed to the key in the registry, one was there, but it was named differently. I suppose it would have backed it up and tried it if the QoS didn't work. One was from 2007 so I held off on it.