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Filemaker Pro damaged


Unfortunately I'm no DB admin nor knows anything about filemaker.
One of the software supplied that we are supporting uses filemaker as a back end.
Out of the blue one day, we got reports from the users that the software cannot access the database.
I checked the server and found the following errors:

Database "databasename" is damaged and has been closed.

I restarted Filemaker server and the software was able to access the database again.
A few hours after, the error message comes back and the database went down again.
This has happened a few times now.

We escalated to the software vendor, yet their response was that it has to be a third party influence.

1) File backup ran on the database file while it is live.
We confirmed that the folder where the database is sitting has been excluded and the schedule of the backup does not coincide with the database going down

2) Anti-Virus
The only AV running on the server is only scanning applications on memory and not the files.

Other than that, they couldn't see anything else.
They said they have tried to recover the database, but after the recovery, the error still occurs.
I did ask them if the database is damaged and cannot be used anymore, they said it's impossible because after the service is restarted the database is normal for a few hours, meaning the integrity of the database is intact.
Seems the vendor has reached their conclusions that it's either third party or OS and therefore off their case.

A year ago we had a similar issue with the same database, back then the issue was with the backup, the folder exclusion has been accidentally deleted causing the file to be backed up while live. Could an incident from a year ago have caused the database file to be corrupted?

Does anyone have any suggestions what else we can look into?
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Thanks for the respond, The vendor have tried the steps, recovered the database, it was fine for a few hours, and then it stopped again.
Thursday, Friday and Yesterday, we noticed that it kept going down at 5pm, so something might have happened at 5pm that kills the database, but we just don't know what.
Backup is definitely running at 9pm and folder exclusion still applies.
IT has uninstalled anti-virus, we'll see what happened today.
Ok it looks like you need to migrate the data to a clean copy of the file

It is important to understand that the Recover command is a temporary fix to help recover data. If is very important that the data in the recovered file be migrated to a clean copy of the FileName database file as soon as possible. The continued use of Recovered files may lead to further problems

This may help
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Apology for the delay in the response. Anti-virus was the problem. Issue disappeared after AV was uninstalled.
Thanks for the response.
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