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Remote Desktops mmc snapin questions

This is a question specifically targeted toward the "Remote Desktops" MMC snapin available in Administrative tools once you install the adminpak.msi package, or RSAT for Server 2008 R2 (see attached file).  Here are the questions:

1. is there any way to re-sort a list of servers saved in this snapin?
2. Is there a way to save a master snapin and move it around (or place it on a central share) so others can copy it and use it?
3. where is the list of servers saved in this mmc snapin stored?  Is this in the registry?
4. if the answer to questions 1-3 is No, then has any third party product expanded upon what MS did with this to make it more versatile and add some of these features?

I did search in the DB here in EE and found that most articles just reference the "Remote Desktop Connection" tool and not necessarily this snapin.  I'm aware of the fact that you can save many individual rdp connection files for many servers in a network share, but I find the Remote Desktops snapin tool much more useful for rapidly switching between servers.  I have just found it lacking in some advanced features in the past that might make life easier.  Since the tool has been around for at least 7 years now I thought that surely by now someone's improved upon it.  Google searches didn't turn up much but I may not be searching properly.
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good answer, thank you.