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deleting files in windows that are older than 2 days using bat file

I need to schedule the deletion of .bak files using whatever tools weather it be cmd.exe or power shell based upon number of days old:

C:\Backup>>>>>>>>>>>Delete the contents of this folder after 2 days.

I plan to execute the .bat file using the windows scheduler or if there is a neater way to do it, by all means please elaborate.

As usual thanks in advance!
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Bill Prew

Here is a pure BAT solution.  It can also be done easily (less code) in VBS, or you could use the DELAGE32 utility from this location:

@echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

REM Define base for folders, and days to keep old folders
Set BaseDir=c:\backup
set DaysToKeep=2

REM Get todays date (MM/DD/YYYY), convert to julian for age checks
call :jDate jToday %DATE:~-10%

REM Process all Files in the directory, delete if old
for %%A in ("%BaseDir%\*.*") do (
  call :jDate jFile %%~tA
  set /A FileAge = !jToday! - !jFile!
  if !FileAge! GTR %DaysToKeep% (
    del "%%~A"

REM Done
exit /b

REM Subroutine to calculate julian date
:jDate return-variable date-string(MM/DD/YYYY) 
  set DateStr=%~2
  set yy=%DateStr:~6,4%
  set /A mm=1%DateStr:~0,2%-100
  set /A dd=1%DateStr:~3,2%-100
  set /a "yy=10000%yy% %%10000,mm=100%mm% %% 100,dd=100%dd% %% 100"
  set /a %~1=dd-32075+1461*(yy+4800+(mm-14)/12)/4+367*(mm-2-(mm-14)/12*12)/12-3*((yy+4900+(mm-14)/12)/100)/4
  exit /b

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Bill Prew

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This answer was neat and tidy. Worked the first time. No need to fill in specifics in code snippit. Way cool. Thanks loads!
Glad that was helpful, thank you.