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Hello, I am trying to connect to the IBM Queue and I set up the connection string but something is still wrong?

I am not sure if the problem is the app.config or it is a C# code.

Thank you.

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I am attaching an image of the exception.  
I see 2538 is "MQRC_HOS
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Not nearly enough information to diagnose.

- Gary Patterson
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This appears to be an attempt to connect to an IBM MQ installation, probably on an AS/400. I'm not clear how the attempt is being made. The connection string isn't shown, so there's no way to know what is actually being tried.

Please show code that causes the error. The error is generic and has far too many potential causes.

The listener might not be started on the remote system. The client connection name might be wrong. The network might not be available. And many of the other possibilities that can cause a connection not to succeed could be happening.

Further, without knowing anything about version/release, things like IC58952: INCORRECT C and .NET CLIENT RC WHEN SCYEXIT CLOSES CHANNEL become reasonable possibilities.

So, as mentioned, "Not nearly enough information".

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