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reviewing internet activity on an XP Pro workstation

We have an employee who we feel has been using the internet for inappropriate use.

We have a small business server 2003, and the workstation in question is running XP pro with internet explorer version 9.

Is there any way we can audit this computer to review what has been taking place, other than the standard Internet Explorer history?

I know that there is software that can provide this facility, but unfortunately we have nothing else in place at the moment.

If anyone can give any assistance, I would be very much obliged.
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find a freeware utility to read the index.dat file
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you can look through the temporary internet folders and this should provide a few clues.  this might help
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You will have to use a proxyserver with authentication in order to log this kind of info securely.  I use Blue Coat - ProxySG for this.
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And all these can be reactive..... Don't need anything in place in advance.....
K-9 web filter has integrated scanning solutions that automatically generate reports of usage. It is designed to protect children. Absolutely amazing piece of software and worth every penny if you are using it for commercial use. Note: You can remove all of the blocking filters and run the usage reports behind the scenes.

You can then use those usage reports to integrate blocks.

Ethically, I always suggest you let the user know up front "everyone" is being monitored, quite often this solves your problem without the need for confrontation. Send out a memo or let everyone know "due to bandwidth issues we need to start scanning system usage, this includes user internet history and behavior". This approach eliminates lots of behavior when they know they are being watched.
Note: K-9 is free for personal use...
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Thanks to all