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iTunes - Playlist of Videos on iPad - stops playing after each video!

I have a lot of small videos that I want to put into a playlist, so they play one after the other  (like a music playlist does)

I created a playlist with the videos in iTunes and synced. I go to iTunes on the iPad, and play the first video.

But after each video plays, instead of going to the next video in the playlist it stops and goes to the summary screen of the video (where it shows the video name, and there is a play button), and I have to go back and then click the next video (it takes me back to the VIDEO section, not iTunes)

I researched this and someone mentioned a trick where you create a new playlist, and first put a SONG in the list, then add your videos, and then it would work. This *almost* works, in that it does go on to the next video but the video is a "still picture" and is not playing video, just audio.

Does anyone know how to get it to play each video in succession in the playlist?

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wow thanks.  I can't believe Apple couldn't program something as simple as this and we have to use this convoluted workaround.

This does work.  I'll have to label the order of the videos it seems though as it goes by file name and not by the playlist (fun, 1000+ short video clips).

The other challenge will be figuring out where i left off. It takes me back to the TV shows screen,  I *think* it is subtly showing which video was just playing  (if you watch it really quick while getting out of the current video, it highlights it for a split second)

Thanks again