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2 domain trust...when adding a user from one domain to another system shows namw as sid not username

Ok so I have 2 domains. They have a 2 way trust between them. On one particular system if
 I add a user from the first domain over to the second it allows me to do so but once I hit apply
 it turns then name into a long SID number and wont allow me to actually connect to the system
 from the first domain.

I can connect to the box from a workgroup or a completely seperate domain without issue.
but when trying to access a share from the trusted domains its a no go. I have no issues on any other
servers in either domain just this one system. The OS is windows 2k3.

If anyone could please help I would appreciate it. If any more info is needed I can provide
Microsoft Legacy OSWindows Server 2003Active Directory

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