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Datagridview + HTML Tables (Visual Basic 2010 / VS 2010)

Okay, so I am baffled on this part and I don't know why (maybe because I had read through so many tutorials/threads in regards to this and confused myself).

I am trying to basically import a HTML page table (remotely accessed through a URL) to a Datagridview. I can view it as a pipe delimited.

Here is the HTML/pipe delimited: http://www.magictraders.com/cgi-bin/set_query.cgi?set=ABU&excel=true

So a rundown would be:

1. Import that information to a datagridview (DataGridView1)
2. Make sure all data is put into the appropriate column.

I know it's probably something super simple, but for some odd reason, as I stated above, the answer eludes me.
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Vaughn Bigham

8/22/2022 - Mon
Bob Learned

What kind of help are you looking for?

I can think of things like this:

1) Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileIO.TextFieldParser

2) Build a list of objects

3) Bind the list to the DataGridView

4) Set the DataPropertyName to each object property

Well I need to parse that data from the site above, taking out the information and then putting into a datagridview.

With a datagridview with the following headers:

Card Name | Rarity | High Price | Mid Price | Low Price

Using the example above:

Air Elemental (A)|3.25|0.00|3.25|3.25|3.25|0.00|1
Air Elemental (B)|4.97|0.02|4.97|4.99|4.95|0.00|2
Air Elemental (U)|7.00|0.00|7.00|7.00|7.00|0.00|1
Ancestral Recall (A)|697.77|0.00|697.77|697.77|697.77|0.00|1

The parts marked in bold are the parts that I want to parse into the columns. Would the TextFieldParser work for this? Either way I'll give it a try and update here.
Bob Learned

The TextFieldParser can use the pipe as a delimiter, and since the first row has names, you should be able to match up the values to object names, and build a list that you can bind to the DataGridView.
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James Murphy
Vaughn Bigham

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ask a question

Could you please provide an example? I'm a visual person. It doesn't need to be full code, but examples have always helped (especially since I've never used TextFieldParser).

vbigham: The only site I know of is through that site and they only do core sets and some expert sets (albeit the unglued/unhinged which I classify as special sets). The only other one that I know of uses a webservice, which I had issues with dealing with for some odd reason, but that's just me and my coding skills. LOL

I will check out your code and see what I can do with it. I thank you for the time! :)

Oh, vbigham:

You can use it if you view the source code on that websites main page and click on Price Guides. Since I've seen so many abbreviations for the sets:

Fifth Dawn - 5DN
Mirrodin - MRD

Just FYI. :)
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(Stupid non-editing feature):

Okay, I re-read what you said and there are a LOT of sets.

Core Sets there are: Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Revised, 4th-10th Edition, M10, M11 (from the site that I gave, abbreviations are: ABU, RV, 4th, 5th, 6th (etc to 10th), M10 and M11

Expert: To many to list, but the newest sets are Scars of Mirrodin, Mirrodin Besieged and New Phyrexia

Again, you can look at the source code from: http://www.magictraders.com/pricelists/

You'll see them in the Drop Down List.
Vaughn Bigham

Awesome! thanks for that info.