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Datagridview + HTML Tables (Visual Basic 2010 / VS 2010)

Okay, so I am baffled on this part and I don't know why (maybe because I had read through so many tutorials/threads in regards to this and confused myself).

I am trying to basically import a HTML page table (remotely accessed through a URL) to a Datagridview. I can view it as a pipe delimited.

Here is the HTML/pipe delimited: http://www.magictraders.com/cgi-bin/set_query.cgi?set=ABU&excel=true

So a rundown would be:

1. Import that information to a datagridview (DataGridView1)
2. Make sure all data is put into the appropriate column.

I know it's probably something super simple, but for some odd reason, as I stated above, the answer eludes me.
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