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SBS 2011 Migration--Can I Not migrate Exchange for a while?

I need to migrate a client (15 users, single DC) off of a single Win2003R2 server w/Exchange 2003 and SQL to SBS 2011 Premium. I've read lots of documentations and gotten lots of tips on this process, thank you.

My client has an issue though. We have a business application that they depend on that is tied into both Exchange and SQL on the legacy server (2003). I would like to do the migration to SBS2011 Prem over the weekend--problem is that we can't migrate the business app to the new server until the following Tuesday.

Can you tell me if this is possible (or advisable)? Ideally I'd like to install SBS 2011 Premium, both the main SBS Domain Controller and the extra 2008R2 server with SQL on it. I'd like to have everything on the same domain--but I'd like to still have Exchange and SQL up and running on the legacy system. This way the new SBS servers would be ready and waiting for the Biz App folks to migrate their app a few days later. After the Biz App is migrated to the new system, I can migrate over Exchange and decomission the old server. Would this work?
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thanks, things worked out as planned. i setup SBS Exchange server and there were two different info stores (the old v2003 and the new v2010). then I moved the mailboxes from the old store to the new...which sucked kinda because I had to archive hella since many mailboxes were over the silly 2GB limit, but alas it is done.
If you do the pst from the client computers and remove any limits before importing from clients you won'y have the 2 GB limit.