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Excel formula help

Can any please tell me what '{' , '}' means in excel formula
I am looking at a formula as, {=IF($s93= "", "-", MIN(if(KeyABC = $S93, DealStartDates, "n/a")))}
Now if I click inside the formula and press enter. The '{ }' brackets are not therd and formula ends up as
=IF($s93= "", "-", MIN(if(KeyABC = $S93, DealStartDates, "n/a")))

Which doesnt calculate to what it should.
I am quiet sure its something simple but being not very experienced user I dont understand it.
It would be great if some one could help me out with it.

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thanks mat. I could sort judge that its an array formula. now I know that you to hit 'Ctrl+Shift+Enter '

It appears to be doing a "MINIF".  No such function exists in Excel of course, so an array formula is needed.

If S93 is blank, then the output is "-".

If not, it is taking the minimum numeric value from DealStartDates where the corresponding cells in KeyABC equal the value in S93.
ok here what I dont understand how to print

Logically I do understand that -> if(KeyABC = $S93, DealStartDates, "n/a") - would  return an array
out of which Min(if(KeyABC = $S93, DealStartDates, "n/a")) - picks the minimum value

But how can you print the whole array?

I'm confused.  What are you trying to do?

Thanks for cenren Patrick - I wish I knew what I was trying to do
The way aorund to my question was to learn the basics of array formulas.
Basically the formula was picking up the minimum value from array of items being flitered on if logic.

What I still dont know is that how owuld check the list of values that are picked by array formula?
But thats not part of the above question.
Its saperate question i.e how do I check the values pciked up by array formula or simply the items in the array

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