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Creating Access Database

I've been asked to create a small MS Access database. The database is going to be used to record medical patient records.There are going to be 6 main fields, each with their own sub-data.

The 1st field will be Patient Details such as Name, DoB, Date of Arrival, Date of Departure.
The 2nd field will be Symptoms & Signs such as cold, flu, severed limb etc..
The 3rd field will be Investigations. These include bloods (4 different types each with a numerical value. They also include Liver Function (4 different types each with a numerical value).
There will also be 5 other investigations, each resulting in a text field.
The 4th field is Diagnosis. Each diagnosis (There are 4) will have a checkbox beside the diagnosis.
The 5th field is Operation. This will have the date & 3 other Yes/No scenarios - checking the relevant box. Also length of stay which will be numerical.
The 6th field is Complications. This has 3 sections, each with subsections.The subsections are going to be either '1 checkbox each' or yes or no scenarios.

If I was going to attempt this myself, what would be the best approach  be as in how many tables, forms etc to create, and caveats to look out for.

It seems like there's a lot involved what with tables, forms, relationships & queries. Am I mad trying this? Should I try to get someone w/experience to do this. We're only talking about 50 patients here.

Thanks for any help!
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