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Migrating sofwares and data to new PC


I want to upgrade my laptop and I want to know how can i transfer all my softwares installed and data from my old laptop to my new laptop without reinstalling any softwares. I knew you can imagePlease advice if there is a way to perform this...

My OS on both the PC is Windows 7 Professional



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The safest method to move applications is to install from scratch.

There are a few programs that claim to do this, but personally, I have never seen many successes.

Compare Different Editions of PCmover

As for Data transfer, you can use Windows Easy Transfer Wizard. In Windows 7, just type "easy transfer" in the Start menu, and follow the prompts.....

Personally, I still prefer to either use the network, or slaved drive to transfer the needed data....
Windows Easy Transfer might do the job, open the start menu and on the Search Box, type "Windows Easy Transfer".
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Im glad it woked. My personal experience was not good with it. Didnt give it another chance, and based on reviews I have read about it wasnt worht it to retry IMHO. Might have to check it out....
PC Mover can't move everything ... but it does a very good job with most applications;  and it's "magic" how it can migrate between OS's (moving from Win98 to any XP, Vista, or '7 for example).    Some earlier versions, and the non-Pro versions, do not work nearly as well and don't allow the user much control over what gets moved -- but Pro does a very nice job.

... It's still best (in my opinion) to re-install anything you have the installation media for => but that's not always the case;  and this is the best alternative I know of for those situations.