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Cannot delete a replication Subscription

I created my first replication today in SSMS. This evening I deleted the Subscriptions(2) and the Publication. I returned and recreated the Publication. That seemed to go well. Then I tried to add the Subscriptions. I get an error message saying that the Subscription already exists and cannot be created.
I created the Publication by right clicking on the Local Publication node in the Replication tree.
I created the Subscriptions by right clicking on the Local Subscripitons node and choosing New Subscription.
What I see now is under the Local Publication is the new (maybe the old, I used the same name) Publication. The new Publication node can be expanded to see two Subscriptions. I can right click on them but they will not delete. The error message is:
'Dataserver' is not defined as a subscriber for 'Dataserver'.
Could not update the distribution dataabase subscription table. the subscription status could not be changed.
Changed database context to 'mydatabase'.
Another piece of information. I backed up the publishing database prior to deleting the Subscriptions and the Publication. After restoring the database using SSMS is when the trouble began. Below is the timeline.
Created New Local Publication
Created Two Local Subscriptions
Backup Database
Enter transactions but needed to restore the database
Deleted both subscriptions. Deleted the Publisher.
Restored the database through SSMS.
Created a new Local Publication
Tried to add one New Subscription (Received the Already Exists message)
Noticed under the Local Publication node the following nodes.
    Product tables Publication
          Database1 Subscription
          Database2 subscription
The Local Subscription node is empty
How do I straighten this mess out?
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No responses and this solved my problem