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Bios Settings

Is there a way to flash a bios with user settings? I change a lot of motherboards and need them to all have the same bios settings is there a way to do this with a bootable USB stick?

The motherboard I am using is:
Advantech AIMB-763VG-00A1E Bios Version 2.17
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you can flash a motherboard to a certain BIOS version, but you cant transfer the settings
Some bios do however have the ability to save the bios settings to a floppy or flash drive. If your is capable of that then you could just make a "backup" and "restore" the settings to the other machines.
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mpvvee is correct.  The user's BIOS settings are not stored in the flash RAM; they are stored in a small on-board memory.  This is why motherboards require a BIOS backup battery to hold the settings through power failures.  Since the user BIOS settings are not stored in flash, they cannot be flashed into a new system.

There are, however, numerous little applications that do what you desire.  A quick look produced ST-Works Deanimator as one.
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my bad... you need to change the extension to .HTML for it to open in a browser.
Thank you much.   : )