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AIX CDE DT packages

what are the benefits that we can gain (Oracle DBA team) from having AIX CDE (desktop)
and what are the steps to install?
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This is a graphical interface to AIX Unix system. Most of the Oracle DBA task doesn't need GUI. Of course GUI is a good looking and easy for navigating tool.
But most of Oracle DBA task can be done using Putty and other Command Line Interfaces.

I same cases when you would like to see the performance  and load of the AIX systems possibly the GUI has good tools and will not be forced to use top command and other CLI tools available in Unix.

Installation is well described on the net.
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any other thoughts?
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You can open the windows individually and be able to move them around individually without CDE.

Depends on what kind of window you want to open.

A typical command window would be opened with one of the "term" programs (i.e. xterm, dtterm, etc.).

You would do the same thing within the CDE, it is just that the window that comes up is tied to the CDE window.

All of these hinge on an X server running on your local machine and having your environment set up correctly to use X windows.  You should be able to do a search for X windows tutorial and find some good information.  Depending on OS and how it has been set up by the admins, there are various things that need to be done.  At a minimum, the DISPLAY environment variable needs to be set correctly.  You also usually have to run xhost to allow connections as well, but that is not always required and can be added to your .profile (or other login script depending on shell) so that you don't always have to remember to do it.