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Vista Hard Drive filled up with duplicate folders

themiddleway asked
I have a Vista Home Premium pc  SP1
The Hard drive is half filled with multiple folders.
Under one user under \local settings  is an application data folder that contains many other application data folders nested in it,  many many times.
That same user under AppData has the same thing  -  an application data folder that contains another application data folder and inside that another each one a a couple of gigs smaller than the last.

Over half of the hard drive space seems to be used up by these nested folders.
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Hi, Do the folders indicate a relationship to a specific program? Can you give some examples of their names?

have you run a full virus scan?

First I suggest you to run Combofix, download it from here:

It is the best free malware removal tool.

Then after this download one of these programs which are freeware and delete all duplicates on your computer:
http://www.auslogics.com/en/software/duplicate-file-finder/ (FREE FOR PERSONAL USE)

And then everything should be okay.

Cheers :)


I've already cleaned the Computer,  including Combofix and Avast.
I've seen this problem before on another computer - it had nothing to do with infections,  just some weird Vista thing.  

Each nested folder Contains the entire Application Data folder,  with all the programs listed.
And besides everything in the Applications data folder it also conains Another Applications Data folder that repeats the process again and again.  Taking up over 100 Gigabytes.

I ran both dupllicate file fingers Gnito,  They didn't find anything but little duplicates,  nothing like what I'm seeing of many copies over and over
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FROM:  Multiple nested copies of Application Data folder

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, both Local Settings and Application Data have been replaced by a single folder, %userprofile%\AppData\Local.

In order to accomplish the proper redirection, you need two junctions:

1) A Local Settings junction, that will forward programs going to
%userprofile%\Local Settings to the new folder.

2) An Application Data junctions *inside of the new folder* that points back on itself, to get programs accessing %userprofile%\LocalSettings\Application Data.

If you think about it, it makes sense ... when the program is accessing local settings, it will get forwarded to the folder it needs to be in, however, it is also accessing a folder named Application Data *inside of the correct folder it needs* (since it has already been redirected by the Local Settings junction), so the Application Data junction has to point back on itself for things to function properly.

I would suggest checking the security settings on your Application Data junction (C:\users\yourname\appdata\local) (you will need to select show operating system files from folder options in an explorer window).

Read the rest of the information at the link provided.  I don't think this is "just some weird Vista thing."

I think someone or something (a virus?) changed security settings at the junction of the "AppData" folder.
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Thanks Jim.  
The security was okay.
So I Just started a new user and tranfered everying and now it's okay!
Must have been a corrupt user file.