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Display full HD on distant multiple screens


 I got a problem. I have developed application, that is opening let's say 4 information windows. Now I want to display each of this windows on differrent screen. This is not big problem I assume, just to buy graphic card with 4 HDMI outputs right? The problem is, the hosting computer is another room, and the screens are up to 50 meters away.

Any help is much appreciated,
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I have not run into a video card with 4 HDMI outputs - yet. But, you could install a pair of dual-output cards just fine, and enable them for multiple desktops.

Now, about getting the video from your PCs to the displays: you have several options which are available, and their cost will vary.

First thing to consider: if you are running the displays with a resolution of 1920x1200 or less, then you can resort to single-link HDMI/DVI extenders. If you do not require HDCP (for copy protected content), you can use DVI extenders and use HDMI to DVI adapters at the ends.

If you want to run a resolution over 1920x1200, you will need dual-link DVI extenders which are much more expensive.

Next, is the distance. You mention 50 meters - this is the maximum distance for extenders based on CAT6 wiring. Yes, it needs to be CAT 6 to minimize signal loss. For shorter runs, about 10-20 meters, you could use CAT 5e wiring.

In fact, to ensure that you don't have any issues with signal integrity - which would exhibit themselves as video tearing, or even no video - I would resort to an optical fiber extender. Unfortunately, they are more expensive and require fiber to be pulled.

Here are some hardware options:





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Two dual output cards would be my choice, and you can probably use cat5e extenders to reach the other room, but use shielded cat5e wire to get the most distance out of them and preserve the signal.  Altona makes some good extenders over cat5e (it doesn't matter if you send DVI or HDMI over them, the signal is the same for video).