802.1x iPad/iPhone AD authentication w/LDAP

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We are a Windows and Cisco shop.  I'm trying to get our mobile devices (specifically iPad/iPhone) authenticated on network using 802.1X successfully. . Once authenticated, I get prompted for SharePoint/Web Servers that I try to access.  

How do you store user credentials on the mobile devices. Yes, you get authenticated via LDAP on the domain controller but how do future access requests know what credentials to pass through.  When we access a web server, you will get prompted for AD authentication.

We've replicated the issue via using a non-joined domain PC and connecting to 802.1X.  I'm able to authenticate against LDAP but continue to get prompted for new server requests because no user certificate is stored on the machine.

Has anyone been able to do this?  Is anyone attempting to do this? Any suggestions?
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After speaking with a newly assigned account rep from Apple Enterprise support team, the only way to do this is to use an in house or third party MDM server so you can utilize Simple Certificate
Enrollment Protocol (SCEP).

More information can be found with these links - http://www.apple.com/ipad/business/integration/mdm/

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