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Hi Ive downloaded from my Dell drivers site an upto date 'bios driver', but on installing on my Win 2008 32 bit standard version it states:

Flash access denied

Please make sure you are logged in as an administrator then restart application!!  So I right clicked 'update', properties, compatability tab and selected Windows 2003 & sp1 update as it was the only heighest OS to choose and ticked the box 'run this program as an administrator', but I still get same message although I am also logged on as the administrator!!!

How can I install this update?
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Thanks for that I will keep that in mind for the future although my workaround was to re-install XP and complete the update this way which successfully worked.
In the end I re-installed xp onto my laptop due to something else and then ran the update for my bios from A05 to A06 via website:, and adding the 'tag no' of my pc in  order to get a copy of the bios up.

All ok from this bios update issue!!
Although I did not copy onto a cd in order to boot from to copy across bios update.  Ive made a mental note of this and in the end I had to re-install xp back to my laptop due to another issue and then took the opportunity to run update which was successful anyway.

much appreciated though!!