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Is it possible to call VB functions using Web sevices (front end)?

dkim18 used Ask the Experts™

I have a vb.net application and this is a fairly complex mathmatical calculation application.
What I would like to do is use this existing vb classes(functions).
I am trying to create a new interface probably in asp.net.
I am new to web services so if I don't make much sense, please correct me.
Is it possible to set up a web services which can call these vb functions?

This application takes in an input file consists of lines of data.
It runs through models(calculations) and it spits out the result file.
The result file contains a few lines consists of some numbers, ex) life expectancy= 71.1, possible height (cm) =180

Can you help?/
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This is where Tiered approach comes into play. Break the functionality of the app into one or more separate DLLs. These then can be used with any frontend.


Can you give me more details?
The VB.NET basically has 20 or so of classes which are models(functions) run certain calculations.

1) I want to know if it is possible set up a web services to call these functions and bring back the result to my new asp.net interface?

2) What would be the better design? I will be using asp.net front end.


We don't want to touch this vb.net code. We just want to call their functions.
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The better design would be to move these classes to a Class Library project and compile into a DLL. Then you can use them in Winforms, ASP.NET, Webservices wherever you want.
Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems
1) I can't answer this - it depends on how you've implemented the code.  Since your .exe accepts an input file and generates an output fiile your best bet may be to modify it so the input file can include what function to operate and (perhaps) what to name the output file.

2) Again, this is difficult for me to answer.  I wager that, ultimately, you'd be better off pulling the relevant code out of the .exe and simply implementing it as a class or classes in your ASP.Net project.