Where do you save disaster recovery and network information?

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Hello everyone,

What is the preferred method of saving disaster recovery and network information off-site?  

Currently, we don't use any application to manage our DR and network information, we basically have a collection of instructions and software installation packages stored on the network.  The directory is backed up to a local BDR device and uploaded off-site nightly.  We also copy the directory over our WAN to a remote office and save it on a server there.  

I am interested in a method that would store our network information and DR documentation "outside" of our network.  Does anyone have any ideas on secure "cloud" options?  I would like to save approx 35 GB of data.
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Director, Information Systems
The best answer is the answer that works for you.  

I'd say you have a pretty solid system right now.  If I had two questions they would be "how long would it take you to restore from a scorched-earth scenario?", and "are your off-site backups geographically distant from where they originate?"  In the first case, if you can live with the restore time, you're okay.  In the second case, you want to make sure your backups are far enough away that a common incident doen't wipe out the main site and the backups at the same time.


Thanks for the input.  My off-sites are part of the Zenith Infotech BDR cloud, so yes they are geographically distant.  Also, the copies i keep at the remote office are fairly close - almost 25 miles away.  

I think I am going to consider a different approach to backup our DR and network information.  We are currently looking for a backup appliance that supports Linux servers because our Zenith Infotech product only backs up windows.   I am going to look at something like the small Barracuda appliance to backup the Linux servers PLUS the DR and network information directories to sort of spread the risk.  Barracuda backs up on a local device and uploads to their network.  Thanks for your help.  

Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information Systems

Linux may be a whole different animal.  

There's a company called i365 which does something similar to what you describe the Barracuda product doing.  I wasn't aware Barracude played in that space but I'll check them out.  The i365 solution apparently can do a bare metal restore (so it's an image of your server, not just a backup of your data), but I've not done a lot of research on it.

We have a home-grown solution where backups are performed onsite, then parsed offsite overnight to two different locations - one local and one on the other coast.  I'm sure our backups are solid, but it would take us a week or two to get fully operational again, but we accept that as part of our process.

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