How do I change the SA password in GP dynamics

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I need to change the SA password in GP dynamics 10, I will also need to update teh SQL password one this has been completed.

Will this impact the ODBC conenction or any clients that were previous setup witht he old password?
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You can't change the SA password from within GP.

The sa password is attached to SQL and you will have to change the password within SQL.

1. Open the "SQL Server Enterprise Manager". This is usually under "Start"-->"Programs"-->"Microsoft SQL Server".

2. Navigate to the "Logins" object under the "Security" folder on the SQL Server you wish to administer. Then, right click on the 'sa' account and select "Properties".

3. Now, enter a new password in the "Password" field under the "Authentication" options.

Also check any Maintenance Plans, SQL Jobs, and connectivity to SQL (ssrs, ssas etc.) as they might have been configured with the 'sa' user and hence might not execute.  The connection settings will have to be updated with new password as necessary.
Owner / Dynamics GP Consultant
There is no Dynamics GP 'SA' user - SA is only a SQL user and you can only change the password in SQL.  

The ODBC connection does not actually store any passwords, any password you enter is only used to connect to the server initially during the connection creation, so changing the SA password should not have any impact on that.  

Typically the issues we have seen after changing the SQL SA password are if:
- any services are set to use the SA account
- any SQL jobs are set to use the SA account
- the SA password is hardcoded into any applications or custom code/reports (this will not be the case for anything out of the box in GP)

Hope that helps
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Sa password is changed only in SQL, enter security, logins.
I will not afect odbc, because it is not stored

Is is necesary to check if vba customs, reports, packages or jobs, had used its password, because they wont work.


We have SRSS running to will this pass transfer over via SQL?

Thank you



Thank you for your help. It is exciting to work with you as I just started reading your book I got from PACT online.

Thanks again

Victoria YudinOwner / Dynamics GP Consultant

Mark, that's great - thanks!  

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