Setup a fax service over a windows network with virtual numbers and email faxes in and out

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I work for an organisation with 16 different offices.

Currently we have at least one fax machine at each location which are all used by not an much!

Is there a system where we can take our current numbers e.g. 01543 454545 etc and setup virtual numbers so that when a fax is sent to a particular number it is forwarded to a specified mailbox e.g. IT, Finance etc

We would also need the facility to send out faxes still

As an organisation we could remove fax machines and use the scan to email facility on our Konica Multifunction printers but it is a number of our suppliers who still function via fax machines.

If you need more info or clarification let me know, my request may be vague as i'm not sure what technology is available
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Look at this link below as I have seen these in multiple office setups. The comapny can design the software based on your needs. Brooktrout fax card solutions are very reliable and versatile.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for the response.

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