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Compare BuddyPress and Dolphin (or maybe something else)

Hi There

I have been doing some research in to blogs and/or social networking and I am very confused.

I am trying to put together a site for sport supporters. This will be a non revenue generating site (at least for the first couple of years anyway). I want to deal with local fans who follow local, national and international games.

The purpose of the site is for traveling fans to find out about transport, accommodation and ticket supplies from real fans. They will also be able to help about bar, restaurant and entertainment suggestions for a group of lads or a family or what ever.

I'm trying to get some sort of arrangement with local tourist offices to make suggestions too. This way any venue will know in advance the type of clientele that will be arriving and won't be surprised that supporters are raring on their door step.

Each team will have a their own landing page (sort of mini site) that travelling fans will will land on when researching the trip. There will be some official/formal material and then the fans blog/social area.

I hope that I have explained how I envisage it all to work. The reason I am getting on here is that I don't know what way to start it. I don't want to be working on it for weeks/months only to find that I should have chosen a different platform.

The two that I think are the fore runners are BuddyPress and Dolphin. There may be others out there that would be more suitable and I would welcome the suggestions. I would initially setting this up by my self buy as it grows it will need multiple administrators to help monitor assigned sections. So this would be something that would be important from the get go.

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I was hoping to get a number of different opinions/ideas from people.