Specific user cannot amend in Wordpress in IE

jasonbournecia used Ask the Experts™
Stumped now!
A user has author rights to amend Post in comapny website running on WordPress, but I don't think that is relevant.
Okay, she tries to amend a post but it will not save her changes.
She tries it on a couple of other machines; same problem.
She tries it on two different machines and it works!!!
Right, after deleting all temp stuff etc, from her machine, still no good.
So, I've just installed Firefox on her machine and it works fine.
Right, I think, it is obviously IE and some customisation. So, I reset all advance settings, remove all user customisations and take IE back to factory settings.
Cocky look on face, this'll sort it.... NO!
Now I'm stuck. If it works in Firefox, but not IE, surely it's IE? But resetting everything makes no difference... help!
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You didn't mention it, but I'm assuming you cleared the cache and add on applications?

What version of IE? Can you update it?


I cleared all the cache, even from my bank account ;)
She is using IE9
The only thing I can say is one of the machines it did work on is using IE8, I can't get to the other one at the mo
Are you running the latest version of WP?
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Some older versions of WP don't play nice with IE9 unless you have compatibility mode checked.


Of course, I knew that ;)
Marvellous, thanks dantheitman.
Worked a treat.
Plus, they haven't got the latest version of WP. I've told them to update, but they are switching web designers. I said that doesn't matter, get it updated. Where's a wall to bang your head against when you need one!
Thanks again.
Alicia St RoseOwner & Principle Developer/Designer

They will be banging their head when they get hacked....

Tsk, tsk , tsk...

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