integrate Facebook Connect with existing user system

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Hello everybody, thanks for the help.

I have never used the facebook API before and hope someone could give me a hint on best practice.

I have an existing site with a fully fledged user system (PHP + MySQL), users can register, signup etc. they also have a specific user area, where they have access to their favourites, profile etc.

I would now like to integrate facebook connect alongside this. So that the user can chose to either use my site specific login or the facebook connect one. (as can be seen on many other websites)

If a user choses to sign in with his facebook I would like him to be able to access the same features that he would have if he would signup through my site specific system. ie. he gets access to his personal favourites. etc

i would be really grateful if someone would point me into the right direction on how to do that. tutorials etc. i found a few but they seem to be outdated.

thankyou, in advance.

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