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With Outlook 2007 and Exchange Server 2003, I'm working to implement Group Schedules. I've created a Group Schedule and it displays the information I want see.

Is there a way to display only certain hours on the Schedule? E.g., I have 4 users' calendars displayed, but I only want to see what's on each of their calendars between 1pm and 5pm. Their free/busy information for the 1pm-5pm period is what I'm interested in so I can schedule meetings for each of them based on their availability. But I don't ever want the Group Schedule users to be able to schedule something outside of those hours.

I was thinking I could have each user make a recurring event on their calendar that would show them as "busy" every day until 1pm, but I'm wondering if there isn't an easier way to implement this.
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In outlook itself No.
You can choose the work hours to view, but that really only greys out the hours outside the work hours.
Users could still book this time.

"recurring event on their calendar that would show them as "busy" every day until 1pm"
- your on to it here

If doing this set their resource scheduling to automatically decline conflicting appointments.

The only gottcha you wanna look out for is the recurring event.
Make sure you dont set it for "No end Date"
Instead Make it no longer than 1 year
This will reduce any chanche of the occurance/calendar becomming corrupt

If at then end of a year you are still using the Group Schedule
Create a new one and set it for another year

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