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Please read our problem below :
1) We have developed a web application in which we are calling a web service from javascript . This application is VS 2005 and runs fine on our local windows xp machine as well as runs fine on IIS 6 and windows 2003 server after deploying there.

But now we have deployed it on windows 2008 server with IIS7 and installed ajax extensions as well as it is a dedicated server. We have VS 2008 On this server and just tested over there as well  and the application runs fine but when we have placed the code in INETPUB/WWWROOT  of this 2008 server , now the error comes :

SYS Is not defined .
it also gives error : SampleWeb Service is not defined.

This is the web service we are calling from a js file.

But my question is : this code runs fine everywhere : on our local VS 2005 , then IIS 6.0 of windows 2003 and also on VS 2008 installed on the server. It just does not run on IIS 7.0

Please help us to debug this error.

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IIS7 has restricted execution trust policies.
You need to adjust the plicies with the CasPol.exe tool:

Look what dot.Net wersion is your IIS running for that Application Pool that you are using.
For example if it is v2.0.50727 then you call the caspol.exe like this:
C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727>caspol.exe -lg

From the output you will better understand what the MSDN page is talking about.

Good luck!


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