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I'm doing a migration from sbs2003 to sbs2011

someonenamedbrendan used Ask the Experts™
I'm doing a migration from sbs2003 to sbs2011. The migration prep is warning me that I need sbs 2003 SP1 installed. I have SBS 2003 SP2 installed. Will the migration work?
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You should be fine, its just a warning stating it would like at least SP1 for without a service pack they have had issues with the migration.


Ok then... we'll see how it goes.
Top Expert 2011

You are all right, the message you get is about SBS SP1 that was another service pack then the windows SP1 and 2 so you are running windows SP2 and not SBS SP1 but this will not be a problem because I have never seen any problem when this is not installed.