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I can no longer use my IE browser,  I can go to google, do a search, but when I click on any link, it is default back to the webpage asking me to pay.  look like my IE has been hijacked.
please help,  I have windows XP Pro, IE7

Thank you
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Yeah your browser is being hijacked by a virus/malware.  Refer to this solution for the fix by: younghv:
Director, Information Systems
IF you go to Tools -> Internet Options, select the Connections Tab, then click the LAN Settings... button, see if your browser is configured to use a proxy.  If so, uncheck the option and see if the browser works.

That said, if your browser's been hijacked, it's likely your whole system is infected.  Run several different scans and remove any malware you find.

Use Spybot Search and Destory URL:

It's also free.


the proxy was checked,  

uncheck it, it works now.

thank you

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