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unable to search on google!!!

fosiul01 used Ask the Experts™
This problem started from last couple of days

middle of the day,
we cant do google search.

google page will come fine.
when you hit the google search , it will nto do anything
and one user saw a message from google,w hich is like :

"we are trying to sent unauthorized trafiq to google hence they are not allowing us to search"

on that page it gave us a code which we had to type to start searching again!!

from this message it like We got bot in any computer which is doing the problem

but has any one seen this problem before ??

is there any article from google ont his ??

thanks for your help
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Not sure about any "Google Articles", but here are some "EE Articles" that will get you started on finding/repairing malware:

Basic Malware Troubleshooting
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hi thanks

We use antivirus ..
how do you  know that those malwire is the issue for what i am seeing ??
Based on what you just described you have some sort of malware issue.  Most Antivirus suites say they protect from malware, but don't.  In the Enterprise environment I've found that Sophos does, in the standard consumer region I really haven't seen any that do a great job alone.  Many suites will kill off portions of malware on their own, but will not detect all types of malware.  Also if you have had an infection even if it has been "cleaned" you will probably still need to go to the length of repairing the damage that was done by the infection.

Only other thing that you could have would be a DNS issue, and that would again be related to malware because it would be pointing you to a false or phished site result.  

If there was an issue with google as you describe that was not related to your environment being compromised then we'd see MANY articles.
Darude1234IT Employee (Developer & Helpdesk)

Well Google won't block you from searching, the more you search ong Google, the more money they get from their advertisers ;)
The most common reason is some kind of spyware that is redirecting google to a 'fake' page which acts like they are Google but in fact they are collecting user information to sell.
Also check the hosts-file in: C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts to see if there are entries other then localhost
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We have more then 100 computer in this company.
all searved by DNS server.

it cant be that all the computer has been compromise!!

and when this problem happend

no computer can search on google ...

after we put the code in one computer , all computer starts to search again on google ..

That's a bit concerning... What code?
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have a look to this post


its same problem.. but we dont use any software to auto search!!
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have a look to another one

we see the same thing..

i just asked our web development team.. they dont use any kind of software...
Your issue is starting to make a bit more sense now.  I don't know what Google does as far as blacklisting ip's and how to resolve that.  I know one of our IP's was blacklisted once for email spam, and that took a couple of days to completely clean up.  I never did find out how we ended up on a black list as we did not have any bots that I found in our environment.  Never had a problem since and it's been 3 years.

That being said that's all email blacklisting.  Only thing I could suggest would be to contact Google directly and find out what they do for blacklisting as that would make sense for what you've posted as examples.


I'm out of ideas on this, good luck on it.
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more precisly the proble i am having is same as this

Found this:  http://www.google.com/support/websearch/bin/static.py?hl=en&page=ts.cs&ts=1209905&from=1209905&rd=1

I ran through and answered the questions and there is a link to contact Google directly if the problems persist to have your IP issues resolved.


The above is the link to request the ban be lifted.  You might want to check to see what sort of traffic you have going outbound on your network though just to be certain that there is not something you don't know about.
Sudeep SharmaTechnical Designer
Check your gateway IP address if it is listed anywhere in or acting as the following:
1.  Open relay
2. open proxy
3. Blacklisted for malicious activities.

What I would suggest is to check the gateway IP on the sites below:

If it is listed anywhere, you would need to get it removed and also check your entire network for virus/worm/spywares/adwares etc.

I would strngly advice you to follow the suggestion from younghv and scan the systems using MalwareBytes