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Windows 7 RAID 0 won't boot

I have a HP z800 workstation that is running windows 7, we had a power cut in the office a few days ago and I only tried to turn it back on today.

As soon as it tries to boot from the HDD a error message come up -
"non system disk or disk error"

After investigating I discovered that the PC is using RAID 0.

How ever when I go into the RAID configuration utility it states that the RAID is working fine and that both discs are present.

If I boot from the Windows 7 disc and choose the startup repair facility there are no OS's to choose from.

Does this mean that my RAID has been corrupted and that therefore there is nothing I can do other than to format the machine?

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Did u try this commad by booting from disc

bootrec /rebuildbcd

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You would need to add the RAID controller's driver when running the startup repair. That should be possible via a USB stick.
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I can only find the drivers as an .exe file, will this still work?
The exe might self extract and provide an .inf file, usually named oemsetup.inf
You can normal run the exe on a separate PC and they'll extract, or you can also try 7z or another archiving tool to unpack the drivers from the exe.
When I go into the repair facility after booting from the disc and try to  load the RAID drivers, the browse box appears to search for the drivers. When this happens I can see the RAID'd HDD and all the data  on it, suggesting to me that the RAID is working fine and that it is something to do with the boot files?

Comments, Idea's?

Yeah, that's great.  Could be that core wiindows files got corrupted, just run a repair install from the disk and you could be all set.
Is doing a repair install like doing an upgrade install?
In order to do repair install in windows 7 and vista u need to boot to desktop...not possible by booting from windows disc.

The startup repair should probably be able to fix that. Have you run through the full startup repair options?

I think you are mistaken

From the windows boot disc, when it asks for your language, at the bottom of the screen is a link "repair your computer"  Select that.
I have selected the repair option from the windows boot disc, the next screen asks me to choose the OS to repair and there are non in the list
Yes, but then you should use the drivers we mentioned earlier, which should show the OS.
I can only find the drivers in an exe format, using z7 or winzip as mentioned earlier would not let me extract the drivers.

It is the Intel Matrix Storage Manager

Anyone any idea where I can get them not in exe format

@Yotefn: That repair option is startup repair and not repair install.

I downloaded those drivers which look to be correct ones.

When I tried to load them into the windows boot cd repair facility I get the error message -

"The specified location does contain information about your hardware."

Really stumped
Just tried the earlier set of drivers and it recognised them and added them but a OS still doesn't appear.
Can you post your motherboard information (assuming your HDD controller is onboard)
Scratch my last post...

After rereading one of the authors posts above, I realize that I don't think there's a driver issue here because when hitting the browse button to find the drivers, you can access your raid volume EVEN WITHOUT THE DRIVER.  So we're barking up the wrong tree.

Can you try, using the boot DVD, to go through the menus to do a full install (by chosing Advanced not upgrade), and list your partition structure already on the discs (on the screen that asks you where to install windows)
The structure is

Disk0 Partition1 Disk size 1863 GB Free Space 1367 GB

Which is correct because there are two 1TB HDD Raided together.

That is the only partition
Alright, I think we're getting somewhere.

For Windows 8 to boot, there needs to be a small partition at the beginning of the disk, 100MB long and named System Reserved.  The reason you don't see any OS's available to chose is because that partition is missing.  Is there free space at the beginning of the drive?
When I can explore the drives in the repair facility there is an extra drive called "BOOT" that is 35mb in size, can not how ever see this drive when I come to the install windows screen.

I can copy on and off of the HDD when browsing them like this, so is there anything I can copy into the BOOT drive that might correct the boot issue?

When opening the "Repair your computer" Link, and it asks you for an OS and there is none, just press continue and then select command prompt.

At the prompt, browse to the boot folder, either on the CD or on that partition and type:

bootsect /nt60 c:

Then type

bootrec /rebuildbcd
The bootsect line of code worked fine, but when I went to do the rebuild line, it searches for windows installations and came back saying that there are none.

Think I am going to have to look at reinstalling the OS aren't I?
Try running the command from D :

tried it from all of them, it scans all he drives when it is looking for it
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Can you post the ouput of:

bcdedit /enum


Try this list:

bcdedit /set {default} device partition=c:

bcdedit /set {default} osdevice partition=c:

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} device partition=c:

Then run bootrec /scanos and post
The output of bcdedit /enum is -

The boot configuration store could not be opened
The requested system device cannot be found

The same was the answer for the bcdedit commands

The last command said the same message as before, No windows installations

bcdedit /createstore c:\boot\\new.temp
bcdedit /store c:\boot\new.temp /enum /active

Then run the above commands.
After creating the store and making it active:

OK, found this here: (but try my list)

bcdedit /create /d "Windows 7" /application osloader

Copy the GUID and replace that value in the commands below:

bcdedit /set {GUID} device partition=C:
bcdedit /set {GUID} path \Windows\system32\winload.exe
bcdedit /set {GUID} osdevice partition=C:
bcdedit /set {GUID} systemroot \Windows
bcdedit /set {GUID} nx optin
bcdedit /displayorder {GUID} /addlast
bcdedit /default {GUID}
The createstore command is successful and creates the new store but the store command does not.

It says

There are no matching objects or the store is empty
It's empty because you created a new one and it's supposed to be empty.
I think my syntax wasn't correct above.

The /store command shouldn't have any switches after it, just the file name.

Go through the rest of the commands, this will create a manual bootloader for the Windows 7 partition.
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I can not afford to spend anymore time on this problem so I have had to format the machine.

Thanks for all the advice, much appreciated, sorry we didn't get to a solution.