How can we find Peachtree files on a system that was formatted and reloaded?

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A local small shop runs Peachtree Advanced 2002. They had some trouble with their printer, so one guy decided to try reinstalling the Windows Pro SP2 with the original disks. Unfortunately, this procedure reformatted the drive. They reloaded Peachtree, etc., however they are missing all data after June 16th.

They asked me for help. I used a raw recovery which looks for file headers to find the documents and spreadsheets. However, I’m unaware of any utility that will allow me to find the lost company data files, which they desperately need. (I have discussed automated backups for them once this problem is solved.)

Is there a utility and/or a technique that we can use to find these lost files? Thanks in advance.
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I seriously doubt it.  Peachtree uses the Pervasive PSQL Database, and each data table is stored as its own independent file.  Even if you COULD find the file headers, you'd need to have EVERY page within EVERY file to be intact just to be able to do anything with the data.  I am thinking that this news is not good, but without bringing in a professional data recovery firm, spending a LOT of money, and then having a LOT of luck, I'm afraid the prognosis is not good.

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